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A Gentleman's Guide To Wearing Loafers

The Story Of Loafers

The loafer is one of the most iconic footwear of our time.  Its versatility and ability to be dressed up or down makes it a mainstay in wardrobes.  Available in an attractive assortment of materials with its simple design, makes it blend in well for both formal and casual occasions.

With that said, it is incredible important to understand how to style these wonderful pair of shoes. Here's a quick guide on what we feel are the best color choices when selecting your loafers,the different types of loafers out there, and the debate goes on about "To wear or Not To Wear" socks with your loafers.

The modern day loafer took its inspiration from Norwegian farmers who wore the comfortable leather shoes while working, and today, it has found its way into board rooms and campuses worldwide.

The Penny Loafer

This is perhaps one of the most recognizable styles of all of them, and no doubt.  It represents the start of the loafer story and the first style to evolve from its humble Norwegian beginnings. The style particularly became popular in the fifties, among prep students. Its simplistic style and versatility made it a preferred shoe option to this day, where it is available in an array of materials to suite any gentleman's style and taste.Image result for penny loafers

Loafers With Tassels

The tassel loafer is especially stylish, and is our top pick of all the styles. Its simplistic design is an excellent back drop for the tassel on each shoe, and definitely belongs in your shoe collection.  The tassel loafer is available in leather, but it truly rises to the occasion in suede. Suede allows you to adapt to any dress code, whether it be a streamlined linen suit,  or worn with a fabulous pair of slim fit chinos, the best color choices are your browns, navies, beige and khakis. IMG_0176

The Classic Gucci Loafer

This is perhaps one of the most distinctive adaptations of the loafer.  The Gucci loafer with its recognizable metal clasp across the instep.  With this version of the loafer, it would be wise to stick with simplistic styles and materials, and go with vintage colors such as browns and blacks. 

 Image result for mens gucci loafersImage result for mens gucci loafersImage result for mens gucci loafersRelated image

Loafer Materials

Suede is hands down the most versatile of all the materials and is our top pick. It can be dressed up or down for all your formal or casual occasions, and of course you can do loafers in leather. Just remember the style of the shoe matters if going with leather.  Patent leather variations are great for very formal occasions, and really do a marvelous job of dressing up your outfit.


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