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How To Dress Up Your Hoodie And Set The Trend

Hoodies have gotten a bad rap over the years, and are often associated with the 'dangerous' members of society who so often wear them to obscure their identity. However, with a wide variety of trendy designs, colors, fits and sizes that have hit the fashion scene, gone are the days when you put on one to hide your whole face, or totally ruins your form and shape.  Now they can be very nicely dressed up to suit your individual style and taste.

Now there's no secret over the popularity of how many people do in fact wear one everyday, and as a result, major brands have taken advantage of this popularity, and have just cranked out some of them most versatile, essential garment's ever. So here are a few tips to style it up if you would.

Three Types Of Hoodies

  • Pull Over Hoodie: No zipper and usually has a lace through the hood to tighten it up. Tends to have a loose fit so pulling it over your head is a breeze.
  • Hoodie With A Zipper: Tend to be a lot more slim fitting than the pullover type, and of course a zipper all the way down the front. A great choice if you are layering up.
  • Hoodie With Half zip: A blend between the pullover and zipper type. Less common style with a zipper that goes as far down as the middle of your chest. Slim fitting and easy to pull on like the pullover style.   

Sporty Look

The zipper hoodie has become an essential garment if you are looking for a sporty look,and how easy it is to take off and perhaps layer. Especially popular among the fitness type people when going for a run or to the gym. A basic zipper hoodie is perfect for this, perhaps a neutral grey or blue will go well with a variety of complementing sports wear like joggers or even a pair of shorts.

Everyone who exercises knows how important it it to keep warm after a good workout.  Stock up on a few basic hoodies to throw on after.     

Layer With Denim

Match your hoodie up with a light colored denim jacket, making sure to keep the focus on the jacket be complementing with our suggested white or light blue hoodie for a more summer time look, and stronger colors like burgundy, red or navy with a darker blue jacket for a more winter time look. Slap on a pair of black skinny jeans or chinos, and give you and your outfit a trendy, stylish look.        

Layer With Leather

Get yourself a good leather jacket.  Doesn't have to be the most expensive, but black comes to mind as it goes with anything and makes an outstanding fashion statement.  With that said, we recommend either a pullover hoodie or zipper hoodie in any color to suit your style and taste.  Something about pullover hoodies under a leather jacket looks a lot like a turtle neck jersey. Strap on some high top black boots or a nice pair white kicks and a skinny pair of jeans and you will be Rockin!

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