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Tips And Tricks To Look Fabulous In Chinos


In this article, we'll take a look at the chino, a very adaptive and versatile pant choice for those Saturday nights when you're out enjoying the evening, and those jeans and khakis just don't cut it anymore.

But What Are Chinos?

According to Wikipedia, they were "Developed in the mid-19th century for British and French military uniforms, it has since migrated into civilian wear. Trousers of such a fabric gained popularity in the U.S. when Spanish-American War veterans returned from the Philippines with their twill military trousers."

To be honest, to put it in more layman's terms, Chinos are the 'in between pant' sort of like mid way between jeans and dress pants. By far more flattering than khakis, but not as dressy as dress pants, so you need to remember that and not show up to your sister's wedding wearing them.

One of the most important differences is the fit. Tend to be low rise with tapered legs and usually made from twill fabric, meant to accentuate a trim style.

But How do You Wear Chinos?

Chinos are considered semi-formal pants.  They are great for a night out on the town with friends, or dinner with family, but not a dinner ball.

The most important thing about chinos is the fit. Flat front chinos are perfect for the slender body style, and chinos with pleats are better suited for heavier guys. There is a chino out there for most body styles.

But What To Wear With Chinos?

Versatility is the best feature of this style of pant. Depending on where you're going, or what kind of look you're looking for, they can be dressed down with a lovely fitted t-shirt and a pair of those trendy sneakers, or dressed up with a chambray shirt and a nice pair of dress shoes.

Get wild and colorful with your shirt if you decide to go for neutral colored chinos, but these days, chinos are available in hues that were unthinkable years ago, hues of blue, yellow, orange, green, purple...and the list goes on and on! This is when it really gets fun. Now you can go neutral with the top,and let your chinos be the conversation piece.  Have fun wearing them!

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